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workshop body sensing - christian bakalov @ Les Brigittines
11/01/2017 > 01/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighborhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From October until June, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them, new...... Read more

Ontrafeling van een Landschap - expo by Wouter Krokaert @ Workspacebrussels
20/03/2017 > 01/04/2017

Ontrafeling van een Landschap (the Unraveling of a Landscape) explores a series of pictures and drawings in which Wouter Krokaert gingerly recomposes landscapes into a vibrant interplay of organic lines.... Read more

24/03/2017 > 02/04/2017

In the context of Performatik, the Brussels Biennial for performance art, workspacebrussels presents a series of public interventions that will change the way you look at things. Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle presents a man-size moving periscope...... Read more

03/04/2017 > 07/04/2017

In literary criticism the figure of the Unreliable Narrator is used mainly to describe a character that uses persuasive arguments to evoke the reader’s sympathies. The term is also used to explain the behavior of characters who suffer from...... Read more

11/04/2017 > 16/05/2017

Dark Matter Games is an art project that aims to develop and present innovative and socially engaged art practices that by their hybridity often fall out of the scope of more classical art institutions. Inspired by the book Dark Matter by Gregory...... Read more

Drop Sculpture #01 by NICK STEUR @ BOZAR

Nick Steur makes installations and performances where natural elements such as stone, sand and gravity are activated in a very idiosyncatic manner. With his series Drop Sculptures he gauges the force of water. With a precise rythm waterdrops fall...... Read more

PURE by Christian Bakalov @ Dag van de Dans

Choreographer Christian Bakalov creates for the Dag van de Dans a parcours in the pedestrian zone of Brussels where your senses play the leading role. In a subtle and poëtic way you will be guided through the center while a transparent...... Read more

In residency

06/10/2016 > 06/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighbourhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From october until june, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them new...... Read more

27/03/2017 > 02/04/2017

A performance that opens up a personal take on intimacy and violence. The work of Felix Ott creates reflexive spaces in which you are invited to discover a blank world, waiting for your creativity to adorn it. After 10 Days of work...... Read more

17/04/2017 > 30/04/2017

When I draw with the cristal image created by reflecting light, how far could I control the drawing? Am I drawing or are the circumstances of the surroundings sketching for me? When a line is traced by the reflection of light without leaving a...... Read more

24/03/2017 > 01/04/2017

one-on-one Sa 04/03 - ongoing between 18:00 - 22:00 @ Recyclart Sun 05/03 - ongoing between 12:00 - 18:00 @ Recyclart Benjamin Vandewalle graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2006, and developed since then a diverse series of installation...... Read more

03/04/2017 > 09/04/2017

The research involves a puppet theatre animated by characters taken from our collection of administrative papers we accumulated while proceeding with the notorious Regroupement Familial. Those characters remain fictional to us in that their names...... Read more

Short of lying
04/04/2017 > 14/04/2017

SHORT OF LYING is a storytelling performance about deception.  Stories of media manipulators. Stories of corrupt politicians and fraudulent investors. Stories of professional impostors. Stories of neuroscience marketeers. Stories of...... Read more

The water, the soil, the jungle
27/03/2017 > 01/04/2017

The Water, the Soil, the Jungle refers to human specie’s different manners of approaching to nature; the tendencies towards its subjectification redefines nature as an actant, or the naturalization of the subject which underlines that nature...... Read more

04/04/2017 > 09/04/2017

Trepkodoune is a performance piece based on Bulgarian and Japanese poetry. These two poetries have particular rhythm related to our own body’s memory. This unforgettable rhythm will be transposed into concrete material and shapes by using...... Read more

13/03/2017 > 03/04/2017

Architect and visual artist Filip Berte is known for his project Eutopia, where he screened Europe as political entity by shaping it into a house in which every room reflected a different facet of the continent. His current project...... Read more