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Workshop Unfolding Dramaturgies
06/11/2014 > 08/11/2014

> on the development of artistic methodologies and dramaturgical practice in contemporary performance. > by Danae Theodoridou, Efrosini Protopapa & Konstantina Georgelou. The workshop aims to develop and explore tools and...... Read more

In residency

||| (1)
21/10/2014 > 31/10/2014

||| (1) combines three artists' individual approaches to task-based movements and structures. Using various materials to restrict and determine proximity, the trio focuses on movement, sound, and visual qualities, and explores the points where...... Read more

10/11/2014 > 15/11/2014

Three people holding three hammers in front of an apple. How to suspend the achievement of the smashing apple image? How to hold up our tendency to close/complete that image? Which kind of event can we trigger other than the one of identifying...... Read more

29/10/2014 > 12/11/2014

I write differently from what I speak, I speak differently from what I think, I think differently from the way I ought to think, and so it all proceeds into deepest darkness. Franz Kafka, Letter to Ottla Kafka, 1914 Backroom anatomy is a...... Read more

03/11/2014 > 07/11/2014

LILI has many faces: It represents the stereotypes and the archetypes of our collective unconscious. We all know them, when we see them – they function as symbols and signs communicating with us on a subconscious level not...... Read more

01/11/2014 > 07/11/2014

BRIGHT is a parcours of the imagination. It sets your body in motion, through the darkness of theatrical spaces, framed by estranged phosphorecent signs. Blurring the boundaries between performative action and instalation, BRIGHT aims to stimulate...... Read more

03/11/2014 > 06/11/2014

Carrie's cry is an exploration of the ambiguous relationships between movement and sound, specifically opperating and defining the boarders of horror and humor. Bordering between a concert and a dance performance, a dialogue of sound and image...... Read more

03/11/2014 > 09/11/2014

"...I'm producing too many stories at once because what I want is for you to feel, around the story, a saturation of other stories that I could tell and maybe will tell or (who knows) may already have told on some other occasion, a space...... Read more

18/11/2014 > 27/11/2014

“Forerunning” is a concept that means to go before or indicate the coming of: ”the vast inquietude that foreruns the storm” (Oxford Dictionary). I use the concept to explain the activation of the body that exists between...... Read more

19/11/2014 > 30/11/2014

Jonas Woltemate in collaboration with Heike Bröckerhoff and Moritz Frischkorn Do you know Jakob Klenke? The choreographer, artist and visionary? - Don't you know him? But I think you should.- Jakob Klenke was born in Schladen in the...... Read more

03/11/2014 > 30/11/2014

-My research during the residency- To Create, from my daily encounters, a "duo of dance" defragmented  in a marathon dance - As a micro-constellation which sets in mouvement- The theatrical space is experienced as a gathering...... Read more

14/10/2014 > 31/10/2014

THE LOVER is a poetic performance about the complex relationship between human and nature. A lonely, vulnerable woman wanders in a barren, desolate landscape. She is driven on by her survival instinct and her curiosity about the transformative...... Read more