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workshop body sensing - christian bakalov @ Les Brigittines
11/01/2017 > 01/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighborhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From October until June, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them, new...... Read more

ISLANDS - expo by Tania Diaz Miranda @ Chicago
05/05/2017 > 04/06/2017

Brussels based artist Tania Diaz Miranda presents ISLANDS, a remarkable series of graphical works depicting imaginary islands. Each of them refers to a moment or situation with a family member, generating a suggestive map of her family history. The...... Read more

kunstenloket - infosession organisation formats @ workspacebrussels

Wether you want to organize your own artictic practice in a durable way, our you want to create a frmework for a collaboration, each organization requires a legal framework. Expert Jens Van Lathem (Kunstenloket) explains the different organisation...... Read more


The Healing Power of the Arts is a colloquium organized by IN/FINITY and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Brussels, in order to exchance ideas and good practices about artistic projects in the health care sector. With a.o. Christian Bakalov, Jorge...... Read more

In residency

Æ – All ears
05/06/2017 > 09/06/2017

In Æ – All ears we work with vocal recordings of poets, neighbors or public figures speaking. We listen to how words move us, and step with their flow. Our bodies swing to the shifts in tone and rhythm, reacting to impulses and...... Read more

12/06/2017 > 30/06/2017

∑stuarY The study of the estuary as such is the main inlet for this performance-project, which will disembogue in the creation of a geological formation as its event. An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with...... Read more

An Introduction and Many More
16/05/2017 > 28/05/2017

For his residency An Introduction and Many More, visuel artist Hans Demeulenaere invites two fellow artists, Karel Verhoeven & Klaas Vanhee, in order to compose a collective composition from their own practices. Starting from the...... Read more

06/10/2016 > 06/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighbourhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From october until june, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them new...... Read more

01/06/2017 > 11/06/2017

For the residency at WSB, Lucia Montero will be working on a temporary display of Conservatory, which started as a found photographic archive in 2012. The project compiles numerous images which are assembled and connected through common patterns,...... Read more

22/05/2017 > 03/06/2017

In her current research, Jaczewska is looking for constant movements that exist without prior organisation or choreography to them and which continue even when unobserved. She is mainly triggered by movements which with their quality and rhythm have...... Read more

29/05/2017 > 11/06/2017

When I draw with the cristal image created by reflecting light, how far could I control the drawing? Am I drawing or are the circumstances of the surroundings sketching for me? When a line is traced by the reflection of light without leaving a...... Read more

Mademoiselle X
12/06/2017 > 30/06/2017

“Air could not freeze her, fire could not burn her, water could not drown her, earth could not bury her” Maria Metsalu’s upcoming research operates in the realm of the figure of Mademoiselle X (pseudonym given to his...... Read more

Not Just Grass (Working Title)
15/05/2017 > 28/05/2017

Misha Downey and Kosi Hidama are going to collect unneeded materials from their own basements. The materials will be related with the others and become art work with the similar manner of "cooking with leftovers". The artists would like to...... Read more

29/05/2017 > 05/06/2017

Based on the concept of "passage", which can modulate in spatial terms (passageway) and also in temporal terms (transit), we will go in search of the unstable, fugitives and passing elements which constitued the solid frame of artisitic...... Read more

01/06/2017 > 07/06/2017

In the workshop Staging Documentary Niko Hafkenscheid will share his experiences dealing with documentary and will invite the participants to some practical exercises through which they can develop a staged documentary setup of their own. The...... Read more

01/05/2017 > 31/05/2017

In his 3 weeks of residency, Jorge Leon will develop STILL STANDING, a performance with patients from palliative care. This performance will be created In the framework of IN/FINITY, in collaboration with Topaz, Kaaitheater, Wiels, Rosas,...... Read more