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Morning After - feedbackbrunches
06/12/2014 > 14/12/2014

Each Morning After during Working Title Platform #08, we look back with some members of the audience at the performances from the previous night. During a brunch in an intimate setting, each artist will receive feedback on their work in progress.... Read more

In residency

02/12/2014 > 07/12/2014

Nick Steur graduated from the Theatre Academy in Maastricht (NL) in 2011 and became known for his performative in-situ installations with very basic materials such as stone, sand or water. In his new performance A PIECE OF TIME, time and space...... Read more

02/12/2014 > 07/12/2017

Fernando Belfiore is a Brazilian choreographer based in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 2011 at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development). His new solo, AL13FB< 3, investigates the idea of body-sculpture. Fernando (per)forms an encounter...... Read more

19/11/2014 > 28/11/2014

Beirut born and Berlin based choreographer Zeina Hanna questions throughout her work the formats in which dance can be presented. Her new solo, BACKROOM ANATOMY is a performative installation in which body posture, projection and sound try to...... Read more

02/12/2014 > 13/12/2014

You may know Christian Bakalov as a performer in the works of Ivo Dimchev, Miet Warlop or Vincent Riebeek & Florentina Holzinger. With BRIGHT he is currently developing a parcours in which you play the leading role. Immersed into a vast dark...... Read more

02/12/2014 > 10/12/2014

Yurie Umamoto graduated from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam in 2010. In her own work and that of others, she collaborates intensively with artists from different disciplines. CEEPORT is also such a collaboration, exploring...... Read more


Ariane Loze studied theater direction at the RITS (Brussels) and graduated from Advanced Performance Training (Antwerp). During this post-graduate she developed a research project in which she questions the mechanisms of the film medium. CUT IN...... Read more


Luanda Casella is a Brazilian writer and storyteller, living and working in Belgium since 2006. Her research focuses on the ways we relate to narratives in order to create a sense of identity, to get a grip on the world, and ultimately to protect...... Read more

18/11/2014 > 27/11/2014

“Forerunning” is a concept that means to go before or indicate the coming of: ”the vast inquietude that foreruns the storm” (Oxford Dictionary). I use the concept to explain the activation of the body that exists between...... Read more

02/12/2014 > 07/12/2014

Federico Acal is a visual artist with a strong interest in video, architecture and product design. After graduating from the HISK in Ghent in 2013, he contributed to several international groupshows with video and installationwork that...... Read more


Gilles Polet graduated from P.A.R.T.S. and quickly became part of the ensemble of Jan Fabre. Within his own research project JACK-IN-THE-BOX, Gilles investigates the subversive power of dance in places where dancing is forbidden. During Working...... Read more

19/11/2014 > 30/11/2014

Jonas Woltemate in collaboration with Heike Bröckerhoff and Moritz Frischkorn Do you know Jakob Klenke? The choreographer, artist and visionary? - Don't you know him? But I think you should.- Jakob Klenke was born in Schladen in the...... Read more

02/12/2014 > 14/12/2014

Diane Rabreau recently graduated at the KASK in Ghent (BE), and since then travels through Europe to answer questions based on at first sight insignificant irregularities on Google Maps. Which sea is the strongest: the North Sea or the Baltic...... Read more

03/11/2014 > 30/11/2014

-My research during the residency- To Create, from my daily encounters, a "duo of dance" defragmented  in a marathon dance - As a micro-constellation which sets in mouvement- The theatrical space is experienced as a gathering...... Read more

05/12/2014 > 12/12/2014

Korakrit Arunanondchai (1986, Thailand) lives and works in New York and Bangkok. He makes complex ensembles of work that include painting, video, installation work, textile design, and music. In Painting with history in a room filled with men...... Read more

08/12/2014 > 14/12/2014

Roel Heremans (BE) studied Radio at the RITS in Brussels and ArtScience in Den Haag. In his work he seeks for hybrid artistic forms in between performance, sound art, conceptual art, imagination, radio and literature. In ROOM C, an audio...... Read more


Bara Sigfusdottir studied dance at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and P.A.R.T.S. With THE LOVER she creates a poetic performance about the complex relationship between human and nature. A lonely, vulnerable woman wanders in a desolate landscape,...... Read more

08/12/2014 > 13/12/2014

Vera Tussing graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School, and has worked as a choreographer and dancer throughout the UK, Belgium and Europe. In her work she intensively researches topics of perception and intimacy, looking for new ways...... Read more

10/12/2014 > 13/12/2014

Antigone Michalakopoulou (Greece , 1981) was trained as an architect before committing to fine arts in Athens (ASFA), London  (St-Martins) and Ghent (KASK). In her work she combines very different media such as video, performance, drawing,...... Read more

08/12/2014 > 12/12/2014

Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (CL/NL) studied choreography at the SNDO in Amsterdam, and theatre at Universidad de Chile in Santiago. In installation performances such as APNEA and SITES, Rodrigo evokes highly suggestive realities through...... Read more