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workshop body sensing - christian bakalov @ Les Brigittines
11/01/2017 > 01/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighborhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From October until June, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them, new...... Read more

11/04/2017 > 16/05/2017

Dark Matter Games is an art project that aims to develop and present innovative and socially engaged art practices that by their hybridity often fall out of the scope of more classical art institutions. Inspired by the book Dark Matter by Gregory...... Read more

Ideal device of the Gaze - workshop by Nadia Lauro in CCN Montpellier
18/04/2017 > 28/04/2017

This workshop explores the ideal perspective on your own personal project. It is about creating an ideal device of the gaze in order to experiment work through a spatial scenario, and thus raising more questions. This workshop takes place within the...... Read more

Drop Sculpture #01 by NICK STEUR @ BOZAR

Nick Steur makes installations and performances where natural elements such as stone, sand and gravity are activated in a very idiosyncatic manner. With his series Drop Sculptures he gauges the force of water. With a precise rythm waterdrops fall...... Read more

PURE by Christian Bakalov @ Dag van de Dans

Choreographer Christian Bakalov creates for the Dag van de Dans a parcours in the pedestrian zone of Brussels where your senses play the leading role. In a subtle and poëtic way you will be guided through the center while a transparent...... Read more

ISLANDS - expo by Tania Diaz Miranda @ Chicago
05/05/2017 > 01/06/2017

Brussels based graphical designer Tania Diaz Miranda presents ISLANDS, a remarkable series of graphical works depicting imaginary islands. Each of them refers to a moment or situation with a family member, generating a suggestive map of her family...... Read more

In residency

11/05/2017 > 25/05/2017

Rooted in an ongoing curiousity towards other cultures and the development of movement in different contexts than her own, Icelandic choreographer and dancer Bára Sigfúsdóttir travelled in 2014 to Teheran (Iran) where she took...... Read more

06/10/2016 > 06/06/2017

BIG FUTURE is the new neighbourhood project by Les Brigittines & workspacebrussels. From october until june, Christian Bakalov will organize creative sessions in very different disciplines with people from Les Marolles. In each of them new...... Read more

22/05/2017 > 31/05/2017

In her current research, Jaczewska is looking for constant movements that exist without prior organisation or choreography to them and which continue even when unobserved. She is mainly triggered by movements which with their quality and rhythm have...... Read more

17/04/2017 > 30/04/2017

When I draw with the cristal image created by reflecting light, how far could I control the drawing? Am I drawing or are the circumstances of the surroundings sketching for me? When a line is traced by the reflection of light without leaving a...... Read more

15/05/2017 > 19/05/2017

We are interested in exploring the meeting points of dance and music. we look for translations inside those two languages moving back and forth between moving/sounding strings and moving bodies. Structured improvisation will be a tool of defining...... Read more