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NEVER WALK ALONE - new dance @ CC Strombeek
12/10/2017 > 21/04/2018

With NEVER WALK ALONE CC Strombeek and workspacebrussels present a series of 4 evenings where young choreographers hit the stage to share their work and travel stories with you. In dialogue with young visual artists and culinary interventions, these...... Read more

dancers wanted for public intervention by Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet
22/10/2017 > 28/10/2017

The work of Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d'Uterpan) questions the norms and conventions that govern exhibitions and the live arts. In the frame of the exhibition Learning from Documenta in CC Strombeek, the French choreographers...... Read more

In residency

20/11/2017 > 30/11/2107

Kamp is a dance production mixed with the scenographic research of “moving lights”. Kamp reflects on the state of a human who is imprissionated in a North-Korean working camp for 3 generations. In these camps torture, hunger and...... Read more

Le Tapis, la Coquille, la Dame et l'Etoile
16/10/2017 > 05/11/2107

Lola Pertsowsky is now doing research in the continuity of her curatorial project "Le Tapis, la Coquille, la Dame et l'Etoile" -shown at Saloon (Brussels) last May. A collaboration in which artworks of heterogenous backgrounds would...... Read more

30/10/2017 > 05/11/2017

I’ve lost a lot in 2016: a fiancé, my cat, a grandmother, a house by the sea full of memories, my twenties, a mentor, my favorite actress, my favorite playwright, a producer, a friend, a healer, a fantasy. Collectively we have lost:...... Read more

30/10/2017 > 14/11/2017

The solo «sight seeing» is dedicated to the constitution of a multidimensional corporeality. Image production as a radical body practice, plays a central role and focuses on the constant innovation pressure, which today is exposed not...... Read more

04/12/2017 > 15/12/2017

THE VOICE OF NATURE (working title) R.C.U. Restorative court unit The voice of nature is a site-specific court piece, in which we investigate ecocide and the possibilities of making a new proposal for the justice-system in order to prevent the...... Read more