Juliette Yasmine Mello

© Erin Green
© Erin Green


Juliette Yasmine Mello is a French-Brazilian performer and choreographer based between Paris, Marseille and Brussels. First encountering movement through Guinean dance practice from age four, and after a dance studies BA at Roehampton University, London, they then pursued Charleroi Danse’s choreographic practice’s course. Juliette worked with Jeanine Harrington, Mathias Sperling, Liam Warren/RIFT, Qudus Onikeku, Boris Charmatz… alongside being invested in developing their own choreographic terrain.

Inspired by Audre Lorde’s Use of the Erotic, Juliette’s research is rooted in ambiguity, vulnerability, loss and desire as fertile, porous grounds to practice radical presence and listening. These days, Juliette is busy dreaming their future solo work, where squashes are invited as collaborators to become both body prosthetics and divination tools, and together they attempt channeling this future fantasised post flesh armour (sexsquashcyborgsiren).