Lara Hugo Chanel

© Lara Hugo Chanel
© Lara Hugo Chanel


Lara Hugo Chanel is a French performer based between Brussels, Geneva and Lyon. She trained at Ballet Junior de Genève. Constantly reflecting upon her own position and role as a dancer, Lara then pursued a choreography course at Charleroi Danse where she worked with artists such as Boris Charmatz, Lia Rodrigues and Nora Chipaumire. Lara’s artistic practice, firmly rooted in a decolonial and transfeminist perspective, unravels itself as a poetic exploration of the moving body. Navigating through processes of deconstruction / demolition and reorganisation, using these tools not to reinvent but to reroute the focus towards those often-neglected truths.

Lara approaches work as an act of resistance, as an attempt at historical reparation intertwining politics, poetics and speculative practices in a constant quest for transformation. In parallel to surely no other drifting will taste the same sweat, a collaboration with Juliette Yasmine Mello, Lara is developing a solo work inspired by Bresse’s rural culture that celebrates queer identity, working through processes of deconstruction and re-appropriation.