Nina Muñoz

© David Jacobs
© David Jacobs


Nina Muñoz is a 22-year-old dancer, performer, creator and recent graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering. Nina has a very curious personality with a wide range of interests. She believes all the different fields and perspectives she touches upon, and immerses herself in, form the whole of her and have a nourishing effect on each other. Her interests are cross-disciplinary, not only within the arts but also in a broader sense. In a rapidly changing world that is becoming more volatile and complex, she believes building bridges between disciplines and promoting cross-fertilization is the recipe for constant innovation and dynamic society. She started dancing at a young age with a variety of styles going from contemporary to Hip-Hop, house and, voguing. Throughout the years she researched and practiced how these forms can work together and created her individual movement language.

As an executive dance, she developed her performative skills and understanding of creative processes by being part of several creation processes (e.g. Needs by Drosha Grekhov, WANP by Yves Ruth). As a result, she experienced various performing languages such as physical theater, poetry, and drama. She continued developing this skill by taking part in training programs like 1000 Pieces Puzzle (an intensive program for young choreographers) by Cindy Claes with coaches like Alesandra Seutin (UK), Ricardo Ambrozio (BR), Piny Orchidae (PO), Benji Reid (UK) and Groundwork by Timiss. Next to that she also participated in POWERTALKS at the TheaterFestival (Belgium, Gent) with Mathias Velle (BE), Selm Wenselaers (NL), Cecilia Kuska (UK), Maryam K. Hedayat (BE). She tries to be present and involved in different communities and further develop her work and artistic voice by taking part in all kinds of workshops (e.g. Summerschool P.A.R.T.S, Tic Tac,...).

Over the past 2 years, she has been focused on creating. Her work currently revolves a lot around social dynamics and fixed structures in society. She researches denaturalising these patterns and rethinking them to establish new, innovative ideas. For her, theater, dance and body, poetry and noise have the ability to take distance from these ‘realities’ and are therefore the perfect medium to research with. Currently, she is busy with the creation process of La Ave, a piece talking about the 2-dimensional structure of gender in our western society. With this piece, she wants to reintegrate gender into a multidimensional approach and research what this means for our body. The focus here is on transforming gender from a static to a dynamic given.