Crossing the Lake

Hi, how are you doing? / - I’m fine.
What’s your name? / - Ayumi… How did you come here?
I was walking around and I just saw you and you were alone, so I just wanted to talk to you.
Where are you from? / - I’m from Japan.

Ayumi Toyabe & Gyula Berger - Crossing the Lake 16:9

We are born as humans, so there are things to experience, think about and feel. We face new things from day to day and continue learning. Sometimes we wander and sometimes we stop. Do hardships we encounter on our way living in a foreign country change us? Can real trust be born?

During the creation of Crossing the lake, Hungarian choreographer Gyula Berger and Japanese dancer Ayumi Toyabe reveale common values and try to create a fusion of their two cultures on the basis of universal human needs.

Performer: Ayumi Toyabe — Visual (set, costumes) consultant: György Árvai — Lights: Géza Budai — Music: De Natura Sonorum (Bernard Parmegiani) — Director: Gyula Berger — Choreographer / Movements: Gyula Berger and Ayumi Toyabe — With the support of: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, L1 Association, Workshop Foundation / workspacebrussels (Life Long Burning Wild Cards program)


04.05.2018 - 11.05.2018
Ultima Vez