Dr. Strange Love II: How I Stop Thinking & Fall in Love with A Cat

What are the conditions for intra-and-inter species empathetic sensibility, under our domesticated settings? What is still left in our flesh to develop empathetic behaviour towards other lives?

© Klaas Boelen
© Klaas Boelen

We enjoy how domestic animals remind us of humans, but isn’t this a reflection of how we want to perceive people — as domesticated beings, confined in a false safety away from their instinctive behaviour patterns? If we unleash the fabricated chicken to the wild they might get lost, but would they? Do we not just fear that if we would be unleashed from our social borders, we would not find the order of our own flocks? Is domestication a way of life or a predefined story of our lives? When I see my cat smile, it makes me smile. When I smile I wish my cat to respond in the same fashion, for that is where love fits into my story.

In this project Marcia proposes a grotesque journey to discover the possibility of ethics. Through exploring whether it is truly possible to fall in love with a cat, she exposes herself to conditions of creating a community of genuine differences. An alternative play of sense and sensitivity under our domesticated setting.

“I was moved in college by Shakespeare’s punning between kin and kind — the kindest were not necessarily kin as family; making kin and making kind (as category, care, relatives without ties by birth, lateral relatives, lots of other echoes) stretch the imagination and can change the story.” Donna Haraway

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Marcia Liu Set & Costume: Alessandro Licata — Sound: Adrian Kurth — Supported by C-Takt, workspacebrussels, wpZimmer, Summerstudios, BAC Atelier, Trueblue vzw



27.01.2020 - 07.02.2020
Kaaistudio's & Rosas
13.01.2020 - 19.01.2020