Coproduction 2021
© Emi Kodama
© Emi Kodama

In this performance, Emi invites people to gather around a kotatsu, a low Japanese table with a heater attached to the underside that people sit around on cushions. Covered by a thick blanket that drapes to the floor, you can put your legs underneath and stay warm as you relax. Many Japanese households have one in their living room during the winter.

A small group will be able to sit comfortably, including Emi herself. As you settle in, Emi will tell you a story that uses the audio piece Somewhere to put your bum down as a starting point. This text was written in the spring of 2020 and published as a podcast in the frame of workspacebrussels' audio-visual summer programme a room with a view.

The story takes the act of sitting and different seating options in your home as a starting point to look at how we inhabit our living space, for example, through the division of work and leisure or social time versus alone time. Emi reflects on the ways in which our surroundings shape our personalities and vice versa, whether the use of space is out of necessity or influenced by culture.

The story meanders through Emi's grandma’s house in Japan and her homes in Canada and Belgium, and invites you to imagine the sights and sounds of each place. Along the way, Emi encourages you to remember places from your past and linger there. In this way, experiences meld and the story world is created together.

Kotatsu will be developed in 2020-2021 and is co-produced by workspacebrussels.

Text & performance: Emi Kodama - Co-production: workspacebrussels & C-TAKT - Residency support: workspacebrussels, C-TAKT, wpZimmer


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Somewhere to put your bum down

1.07.2020 14:00