Melting Pot

Coproduction 2021

Melting Pot is a dance practice developed by Italian creator Marco Torrice. Dancers with different cultural backgrounds and styles meet on the dance floor and engage in a dialogue. The dancers shape the frame for the transcultural identity that the work carries within. Through their movements they tell a story where they express, share and create a space for their deepest emotions.

Marco Torrice - Melting Pot 16:9

Torrice creates and redefines the concept of ‘contemporary dance’. His project is more than a performance but an ecstatic experience where the artists involved throw a part of themselves into the Melting Pot. Together they create new life. Different dance styles such as hip hop, freestyle, krump, vogueing, ... come together in an online show that find itself between a performance, a jam, and a party!

On April 24th 2021, Torrice organizes an online showing during the Day of Dance! Torrice challenges the principles of Melting Pot by opening up the dialogue towards other art sectors and by building a bridge between the performing arts, music, light/video and fashion. He questions the dance field, breaks boundaries and tries to reach different audiences. By allowing new art forms to work together, Torrice wants to further develop and strengthen his current dance practice and the perception of it. All the while a dazzling virtual dance performance is happening with a group of roaring dancers accompanied by a DJ and a VJ. All to be experienced from behind your screen!

Artistic concept & choreography: Marco Torrice — Dancers: Luiz Felipe Lucas, Tijen Lawton, Jerneja Fekonja, Lucas Katangila, Eli Mathieu, Naama Shoshana Fogiel Lewin, Joachim Noël — Camera & Montage: Stanislav Dobak — Clothes & Styling advice: Miguel Penaranda Olmeda — VJ & Scenography: Jorge Guevara — DJ & Musical composer: Thomas Turine — Production: kunstZ — Co-production: worspacebrussels, KAAP & wpZimmer — With special thanks to: Les Brigittines, ISAC and Royal Conservatory Antwerp



12.04.2021 - 16.04.2021

Les Brigittines

29.03.2021 - 02.04.2021


09.12.2019 - 22.12.2019