Rainbow (fountain)

In Rainbow, Nazanin Fakoor explores the theme of 'identity', both from her personal experience as an artist with roots in Iran, Germany and Belgium, and from a universal human perspective.

Nazanin Fakoor - Rainbow II 16:9

For Nazanin, identity is fluid and by definition multiple. The rainbow from the title symbolises the many layers that shape our human existence.

Rainbow (video installation), shown in KANAL, creates a moving universe of colours and depth through an ingenious play of video and mirror foil. In Les Brigittines, Rainbow (fountain) creates an ephemeral rainbow of water drops and light. The two installations at the festival are part of an overarching project that will result in a performative and immersive installation with live music during the Lunalia festival in nona in May 2019.

By: Nazanin Fakoor — Production: kunstencentrum nona — Co-production: C-TAKT, Lunalia / Festival van Vlaanderen Mechelen, workspacebrussels — With support from: BUDA, Boghossian Fondation, Sabam


19.11.2018 - 23.11.2018

Past events

Rainbow (fountain)

30.11.2018 18:00 - 23:30
1.12.2018 18:00 - 23:30