Why We Fight

Coproduction 2018

Theatre maker and choreographer Eric Arnal-Burtschy has been involved in the French army for several years and has participated in various military operations in the Sahel. In his semi-autobiographical monologue, he intertwines his own story with historical texts, letters and diary fragments from other people in an attempt to explore what can engage each of us. What are we fighting for?

Eric Arnal - Why We Fight  16:9

The title of the show is derived from a series of propaganda films designed to explain to the American public why the United States intervened during the Second World War. Arnal-Burtschy wonders what Why We Fight can mean today. A gesture that is intimate and vibrant with contemporary relevance.

Creation et interpretation: Eric Arnal-Burtschy — Outside eye: Nadège Sellier — Vocal coach: Fabienne Seveillac — Dramaturgical advice: Kristin Rogghe, Sara Vanderieck — Special thanks to: Adama Traoré, Arnaud Dupuy de la Grand’Rive, Bara Srpkova, Camille Tauvel, Cédric Eekhout, those who are still over there, those who left, Chab Touré, Elke Huybrechts, François-Xavier Le Pelletier de Woillemont, Isabelle Jonniaux, the ultramarines of the 61st artillery regiment, Lou Colombani, Maxime Kottman — Production: BC Pertendo & Still Tomorrow — Co-production: workspacebrussels, Halles de Schaerbeek, Magasin des horizons / National Center for Arts and Culture (Grenoble), DRAC Ile-de-France / Ministry of Culture — With support from: Théâtre de Vanves, Le 104, GMEM-National Center for Music Creation, MOUKA, KAAP, National Choreographic Center of Orléans

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1.12.2018 | 19:00 - 20:15


€ 5

Les Brigittines


theatre in French, surtitled in English

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Belgian première
Part of Working Title Festival 2018

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