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Upcoming events

buren: T-Shirt Conversations 21.05.2022 De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)

openoffice 23.05.2022 Kaaitheater (Brussels)

buren: SPARE TIME WORK 04.06.2022 Kaaitheater (Brussels)

buren: SPARE TIME WORK 10 & 11.06.2022 Voo?uit (Ghent)

buren: SPARE TIME WORK 19.06.2022 Centrale Fies (Dro)

buren: T-Shirt Conversations 22 & 23.06.2022 SommerSzene (Salzburg)

buren: T-Shirt Conversations 25 & 26.06.2022 Tweetakt Festival (Utrecht)

Artists currently in residence

Are you an artist looking for a workspace?

Twice a year we invite artists to share a project proposal with us via our open call.