Aliki Leftherioti

© Giorgo Mufatsa Athanasiou
© Giorgo Mufatsa Athanasiou


Aliki Leftherioti is an Athens-based producer, composer, performer & DJ currently focusing on plunderphonics and analog synthesis, collaborating with film, mixed media and dance artists. In her free time, she is a ballet piano accompanist, a radio show host (Movement radio, Fade radio), a sound designer, a TV music supervisor, a postproduction engineer and other things. She studied studio composition and piano in Athens and London, as well as Brazilian percussion and music for film, having also served as the manager of UK Jazz Label F-IRE Collective in previous years.

In 2021, she was composing for Ζesty Dance Group (Ministry of the Arts 2020 Grant, Trip Space London, DuncanDance Research Center), performing with Aphemia (Dance Days Chania) and was a resident artist with ErgoCollective. She is currently composing for Onassis New Choreographers Festival in Athens, and a new docuseries on Greek National Television.