Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert

© Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert
© Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert


Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert is a multidisciplinary artist working in visual arts, theater, and participatory art sphere. Their works revolve around the theme of intimacy, exploring it from various angles by delving deep into their own psyche, sharing personal experiences until they no longer feel intimate, or creating a sense of intimacy within the works themselves. They draw inspiration from artists like Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin, Sophie Calle, and Martha Rosier.

Collaboration is a vital part of their practice, and they work alongside their life partner, Kim Snauwaert, under the name BETWEEN US, emphasising generosity, social involvement, and empathy in their artistic endeavours.

Their work has been presented by organisations such as Kaaitheater, KAAP, and the Red Star Line Museum, encompassing installations, performances, participatory projects, and lectures.