Barbara Raes

© Kaat Pype
© Kaat Pype


Barbara Raes (BE) worked as programmer and artistic director of BUDA and Vooruit. In September 2014, she said the arts scene goodbye with the publication of the text Stralend opbranden en stenen stapelen. She then joined FoAM in Brussels where she took part in the ‘transiency’ programme, a residency for 'someone who is in transformation’. She spent a year reflecting on and re-orienting her artistic practice.

In this context, she followed a training as accompanist for goodbye ceremonies at Green Fuse in Totnes (UK). She also took part in additional workshops on transition and modelling life and death. In this way, she developed into a unique connector between art-care-goodbye.

In January 2016 she founded Beyond The Spoken. This workspace for unacknowledged loss meets the new needs of a changing society as much as possible, from the conviction that significant changes happen in small steps.