caterina daniela mora jara

© Alexander Ismail
© Alexander Ismail


caterina daniela mora jara (Argentina, 1988) is a performing artist, researcher, teacher and writer. Coming from the territory called Patagonia by expeditionaries colonizers, she was born in a city that carries the name of the general who organized the genocide and the displacement of native people. Trained in academic dance and folkloric dance, Caterina's work aims to problematize the modes of production and colonial legacy in representation of Western dance. Her pedagogical approach uses intimacy as procedure and explores translation as transgression.

Caterina Mora is currently doing a PhD at SKH, Uniarts (Stockholm). She defends the public institution as a field of discussion and production of knowledge. She is a member of academic research teams (UNA), studied at a.pass (Brussels, 2019), holds a Master in Theatre and Performing Arts (Buenos Aires, 2016) and has a Teaching Qualification in Dance (IUPA, Patagonia). As a director, El Ocaso de la Causa (2015) and XLROYxCM (Xavier Le Roy by Caterina Mora) (2017) received recognition. Since 2014 Caterina has been producing content for the magazine Segunda Cuadernos de Danza, where she is currently part of the editorial team.

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