caterina daniela mora jara

© Alexander Ismail
© Alexander Ismail


caterina daniela mora jara is a performing artist and researcher. She is currently a PhD candidate at Uniarts / Stockholm University of the Arts. She graduated from a.pass in Brussels and was one of the house artists of workspacebrussels between 2021 and 2023.

Coming from the territory called Patagonia by expeditionary colonizers, she is a migrant who has had the possibility of becoming a legal migrant. Trained in academic and folkloric dance, caterina’s work aims to problematize modes of production and the colonial legacy in the representation of Western dance. Her pedagogical approach uses intimacy as procedure and explores translation as transgression.

She got married to have a residency permit on European territory. She doesn’t have an Instagram account and has never gone into an IKEA store.

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