Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

© Herman Sorgeloos
© Herman Sorgeloos


Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (Wallmapu, 1986) is a dancer, choreographer and dance advocate based between Salvador de Bahia and Brussels. They are traversed by more than 500 years of colonialism in Abya Yala and inspired by ancestral times outside of linearity. The territories they walk inhabit them. Cecilia conceives dance as a space to practice otherwise and other worlds. The culinary arts as well as rituals of death, birth and life sustenance have become central to their work and life.

In the past, Cecilia has worked with Janet Panetta, Etienne Guilloteau, Claire Croizé, DD Dorvillier, Eleanor Bauer and Heather Kravas.

In 2021 Cecilia embarked on a four year journey to study the Nkisi collection at the Museum of Central Africa together with Tata Xuxuca and Paulo França (from the Candomble Terreiro o Congo tradition Tumba Junsara) and Dr. Khyra Malika Daniels. They are a co-founding member of Dancing at the Crossroads (As We Walk). Cecilia is thankful to Houngan Jean-Daniel Lafontant, Egbomi Nancy de Souza and Moira Ivana Millan for their teachings and friendship.

Since 2016, Cecilia has been sharing life and work with Brazilian artist Leandro Nerefuh and diving in the deep waters of Ayiti. In 2020, with the guidance of Ruro Caituiro, Cecilia with the company of Leandro gave birth to divine Toya.

As a member of the collective Dancing at the Crossroads (As We Walk), Cecilia Lisa Eliceche has been one of the house artists of workspacebrussels from January 2021 until April 2023.