Clara Guémas

Clara Guemas


Clara Guémas is a self-taught dancer and researcher interested by bodily movement. She was particularly influenced by Sylvain Richard and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh. In 2008, she graduated in performance art at the Rennes Conservatory in France.

Clara works on group experiences. In 2007 she started dance and music experimentation and later on participated in Ensemble blaue blume (2009-2013), connecting dance and theatre in Brussels. She was part of the production Intérieur/extérieur (2012-2013) that was made in the context of the Moroccan Cultural Season and the Collectif In Extremis (2012-2014), combining dance and other media.

She has danced in public spaces in Beijing (2014), in the frame of an exchange project that gathered 20 dancers from China, Canada, France and Belgium. She worked several times on a choreography workshop with inmates of Berkendael Women’s Prison. In 2012 this resulted in a video, in 2013 in a photography project and in 2014 in a workshop.