For several years, Clara Guémas has been developing her work as an artist and choreographer in prisons. She examines the restrained and controlled life of the prisoners, and the place of the body in these isolated spaces.

Clara Guémas - Oooa 16:9

In the first cycle of her choreographic research into the concept of freedom (2012-2018), she works on the topic of 'memory', which throws a glance at both the past and the future, between retrospection and projection.

In the solo version of oooa, Guémas works in a space of 9 square metres, the size of a prison cell. Within this limited space a network weaves itself, a desire to make connections visible. The memory of this weaving lives on in the body and spreads into the space like a forgotten memory, a layered memory, traumatic memories... Resilience.

Creation & interpretation: Clara Guémas — Exterior eyes: Marian del Valle & Claire Diez



26.03.2019 - 31.03.2019
19.02.2019 - 03.03.2019
12.09.2018 - 17.09.2019