Club de Travail

Club de Travail


In October 2016, after Adeline Molle, Marine Kaiser and Kathi Seebeck had finished their studies and gained some ‘first never ever anticipated experiences’ of a life as a worker, something inside of them started to manifest itself as a tweaking uneasiness. What is this, work?

Sitting down together, on a Sunday afternoon, and bringing the matter on the table, twisting it apart and dressing it with some new shapes, brought some relief and as a consequence they decided to make it a serious Sunday leisure activity. Soon, renowned authors like Michel de Certeau, Hannah Arendt, Enrique Vila-Matas and Simone Weil joined their readings / discussions and they began to carry the fruit of these exchanges into their working lives. Hence, Club de travail was founded.

Today, Club de travail is a mobile research platform, organizing workshops and readings, disposing of a ‘dispersed library’ and welcoming new members eager to find out more about one of the essential human conditions: working.