Dounia Mahammed



Dounia Mahammed (1990) graduated from the Drama department of KASK Gent in 2015. Her work displays an exceptional sensitivity for language, humour and visual ways of thinking.

In her graduation piece Salut Copain (2015) she uses language as a medium philosophise, dream, draw, hesitate and question things on stage. In her solo w a t e r w a s w a s s e r (2017) she explores new ways of communicating, in which her fanciful associations and movements open up a poetic dialogue with Alan Van Rompuy's music. This interesting collaboration will be continued: Alan and Dounia are working on GALM (working title), a project in between concert and performance.

As writer and performer, Dounia Mahammed has a profound interest in social issues, philosophical reflections and the poetics of the everyday. Her work aims to tell stories about mankind and being human, and swings from wonder to despair. As a student she created the project Woudwachten (2014) with the inhabitants of Villa Voortman (open house for people with double diagnosis) in Ghent. She collaborated with Silke Huysmans on Manger de l'O (2013), with Mira Bryssinck on Usotroop (2014) and with Anjana Dierkcx and Lukas Smolders on Schaduwmensen (2013). In August 2016, Dounia Mahammed won the SABAM Jongtheaterschrijfprijs for Salut Copain during Theater aan Zee in Ostend.