Eric Arnal-Burtschy

© Bara Srpkova
© Bara Srpkova


Eric Arnal-Burtschy (France, Belgium) followed a course in history, philosophy and geopolitics before moving to the performing and visual arts. His work is often based on research about the physics of the Universe and a questioning of 'the human'. Willing to explore in parallel another kind of relationship to the world and still interested in diplomatic and strategic issues, he is at the same time a reserve officer at the First Division Scorpion of the French Army.

Bouncing Universe in a Bulk, a diptych about infinity and emptiness, was created in collaboration with Lyllie Rouvière. With Clara Furey, he presented Ciguë, a solo on freedom and loneliness. His work, Deep are the Woods, is an evocation of the vacuum by the writing of the light. His last work, Why We Fight, is a semi-autobiographical monologue about his part in various military operations.