Gabel Eiben

Gabel Eiben


Gabel Eiben (US) is a performer and theatre maker. He was based for many years in New York City and now works and resides in Brussels. He is an actor with Nature Theater of Oklahoma performing in No President. A story ballet of enlightenment in two immoral acts, Life and Times: Episode 1-4, 6-9, and Poetics: a Ballet Brut (2008-2020). He is a writer and performer for Brussels-based dance and performance group Fieldworks. He has also performed with SITI Company in Radio Macbeth, and he danced in the premiere of the Jérôme Bel piece, Gala, among others.

His collaboration with dancer and choreographer Tale Dolven have yielded a trilogy of works situated in between dance and theatre. He has presented his works in Norway, the Netherlands, and France, and his work with Nature Theater of Oklahoma and Fieldworks have taken him all over the globe.

He taught theater at KASK Drama in Ghent and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and was a 2015 member of the Creative Exchange Lab through the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. He shares an Obie Award Special Citation with Nature Theater of Oklahoma for his work in Life and Times: Episodes 1-4.