Lucía Montero

Lucia Montero


Lucía Montero is a visual artist based in London working primarily with moving image, sound and photography. After graduating in Visual Arts and Multimedia in 2013, she began to work with Nomad projects, collaborating with artists like Marcus Coates, Nathaniel Mellors or Lundhal & Seitl among others, acquiring a wide experience with site-specific installations and collaborative projects.

Besides, she has also been developing a more intimate practice focusing on appropiationism techniques, associative aesthetics and the concept of remembrance.

Her work has been shown internationally in exhibitions and festivals such as Visions in the Nunnery (London), The land we live in – The land we left behind at Hauser & Wirth (Somerset), Cineminutos (Córdoba, Argentina), #TRIBE16 with La Juan Gallery (London), Journeys of Reappropiation (Mexico DF), ArtNit Campos, Festival of Emerging artists (Balearic Islands), 'In the limits, the time of the cinema' in La Posta Foundation (Valencia), The Day of the Dead Festival (London), or femCode <Art+Women+Technology> (Valencia).