Delving in the Legacy of Catherine Dunham

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) was the first and only one in Abya Yala (name given to the American continent by the Native American Kuna people) that was led and won by the enslaved Africans that had been kidnapped and brought to the continent as free labor in the plantations of the French colony of Saint Domingue.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche - Delving in the Legacy of Catherine Dunham 16:9

Like in the whole of what we today know as America, the Africans brought with them and cultivated against all odds their gods and cultures. The voudums, inkisis and orixas now populate the Caribbean and gave force to the most important revolution of the continent where Cecilia Lisa Eliceche was born. In 1935, dancer, choreographer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham traveled to Haiti to study the dances of the Caribbean. Cecilia, now living in Brussels, is diving into the heritage of Katherine Dunham, to start to delve in her legacy and the importance of both Haitian Dance and The Haitian Revolution to present Europe, Abya Yala and the political imaginary of resistance.

By: Cecilia Lisa Eliceche — With the help of: Leandro Nerefuh, Anahia Castro Rodriguez, Enrique Bodini, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio & Adjo Delali Foli — With the support of: the Flemish Government, workspacebrussels, Goethe-Institut Salvador, Escuela de Danza Bahia Blanca — Special thanks to: Natalia Martirena & Tete Predan


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