Empathy and the cunning of weeds

How do we speak across different urgencies and languages?

Empathy & the cunning of weeds -  Nina Djekic 16:9

During the residency at workspacebrussels Nina Djekić will be working towards a performative text that looks into the empathic links between the feminine and the botanical. Drawing from historical instances/references such as the shrivelling gardens of Adonia or the deadly nightshade (belladonna plant). The first being grown as part of an old Athenian female rite that in a deliberately ‘irrational’ way channeled the countercultural spirit of the women participating in the ritual. The latter when ingested or applied dilates the persons pupils, the effect once desired mostly by women to accentuate their beauty, but also later on by militaries to facilitate the sight of soldiers at night-time.

Her ongoing research interrogates how we could productively conflate the conventions of writing with the scoring of movement. Writing as empathy draws relations and enables proximities – how do we speak across different urgencies and languages?

Research: Nina Djekić - Residency support: workspacebrussels



10.05.2021 - 05.06.2021