Environment as Body/Body as Environment

Helena Dietrich and Anouk Llaurens are developing a workshop in the frame of the PWO research project ‘relational design’ by Dirk van Gogh for Kask Hogeschool.

Helena Dietrich & Anouk Llaurens - Environment as Body 16:9

The workshop Environment as Body/Body as Environment proposes an embodied approach to design. Helena and Anouk will explore the different relations that bodies have with their environment, from a visual to a tactile perspective and from experiential anatomy to imaginary body designs, exploring the complex architectures and experiences of bodies and their relations in space.

It is through a body that we experience environments; a body is the starting point to engage with and shape the spaces around and in-between us. Could we create a renewed relation with our environment through a renewed perception of our own body? What spaces do bodies create, that are not concerned with definition?

By Helena Dietrich & Anouk Llaurens — Supported by: workspacebrussels


10.09.2018 - 11.09.2018