Francesca Grilli will continue her research on childhood and clairvoyance started in 2019: she wants to develop a project called Glare (Bagliori), focusing on the vision that children can have of thefuture. Glare will include the performance Sparks 2021 and the video-installation Rays. The performance was already produced last year, now Grilli would like to expand the project by making a video-installation called Rays.

Francesca Grilli - Glare 16:9

Rays will focus on her interest and research on life cycles, human vulnerability and time resistance. The installation will include a mono channel HD video together with a series of sculptures in bronze. The two elements will be put in dialogue with each other: the capsculptures, worn by the protagonists of the video, will be the element of connection.

The topic of the video, which she has also explored in the performance Sparks, is the acquired knowledge of a group of children regarding the practice of clairvoyance as a possibility of reading reality. Grilli is interested in the sense of responsibility for our future. All the prediction sof the young oracles will be addressed to an adult audience. When children read the hands of adults, they appeal to their sense of responsibility for the future. The project puts this power in the hands of the younger generations. Rays will focus on a different understanding of what education is, moving the attention from merely following the dominant school approach, to learn how to expose personal ideas and visions of the world. Grilli would like to put us literally in the hands of the children, to hear from them a vision of the future, but with all the subversive influence of a poetic image and language.

Research: Francesca Grilli — Residency support: workspacebrussels


18.01.2021 - 30.01.2021