Coproduction 2020

Hachō is an audiovisual dance trip that revolves around frequencies and fluctuations, in heartbeat intervals, respiration, brain waves, light cycles; through the visual and auditory frequencies by which we communicate, in movement and in sound.

Kaori Ishiguro & Anton Lambert - Hacho 16:9

“I invite you to close your eyes and open them when you feel something.”

A faint noise is heard from the speakers, like waves. Other sounds appear, low vibrations are resonating in the space. Light is emitted from the center, it passes the audience, illuminating them. Slowly the light starts moving in different directions, fluctuating, it starts to dance.

Kaori Ishiguro & Anton Lambert - Hacho 16:9

Hachō – a Japanese concept, translated as wavelength / fluctuation – means that when someone’s wavelength matches to that of another person, communication between them happens more naturally; they feel comfortable being with each other. But what makes people feel (un)comfortable? Why do we feel more relaxed with the sound of raindrops, waves rolling by, or rustling leaves? Scientifically it’s because of pink noise. Unlike white noise (a static sound – think of the drone of a ceiling fan, machinery), pink noise can be found in nature. In HACHŌ, Kaori Ishiguro and Anton Lambert evoke this ambivalence between feeling comfortable and uncomfortable and we try to move the thin line that separates these two oppositions.

Creation and concept: Kaori Ishiguro & Anton Lambert - Choreographer & performer: Kaori Ishiguro - Music: Anton Lambert - Photography: Boris Bruegel - Created at: deSingel International Arts Campus - Residency support: workspacebrussels


02.04.2021 - 13.04.2021


17.11.2020 - 01.12.2020