Ice is the solid form of water. It stops cellular decomposition in living organisms. Thus it stops time and freezes everything in an eternal youth.

Bahar Temiz - Ice

Ice is a solo for two that melt into each other and collapse in a continuous movement. They exhaust themselves while telling tales where ancient and present coexist under the preservation of the cold. Ice also reminds us of warnings about the future of the planet as it is warming day after day. With this piece, characters from different temporalities incorporate the depth of common existential concerns and hopes. Ice is the result of the desire to survive, to celebrate the passage of time and to imagine together a utopian future.

Concept & choreography: Bahar Temiz — Performance: Maik Riebort, Bahar Temiz — Text: Michael de Cock — Scenography: Meryem Bayram — Light design Pol MattheÌ — Sound design Charo Calvo — Artistic advice Marc Vanrunxt — Technic Nele Verreyken — Thanks to Simge Gücuk, Asli Seven — Production Platform 0090 — Co-production KVS, WP Zimmer, LyceÌe Saint-Joseph — Residencies workspacebrussels, WP Zimmer, KVS



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