If every rock is a hole

In this choreographic research, Amparo González Sola weaves questions around the forces presents in the forms, and around the forms of resistance; around the conditions of appearance and disappearance, and around the possibility of perceiving other humans and more-than-human presences in the performative space: the invisible, the absent, the silenced, the buried ones.

© Amparo Gonzalez Sola
© Amparo Gonzalez Sola

This work is part of a larger research on reciprocity as a way of relationship that could allow us to move away from unidirectional logics, questioning the binarism active/passive, subject/ object.

The reduction to a minimum of human bodies on the stage (which was originally a consequence of the covid conditions) has been the possibility to deepen on choreography in a broad sense, in which the bodies that breathe, sound, move and transform in the performative space, exceed the human body.

If every rock is a hole is a new stage of the project Exploring Reciprocity, which is also part of Amparo's master at DAS Choreography (2020-22).

Performer: Amparo González Sola — Light : Vinny Jones — Sound: Nahuel Cano — Choreographic collaboration: Jimena Perez Salerno — Adviser: Diana Szeinblum — Choreography and Direction: Amparo González Sola — Acknowledgments/Collaborations: Sacha Rappo, Carolina Bianchi, Marie Bardet, Nathalie Stirnimann, Stefan Stojanovic, Jonathan Ospina, Kadiatou Diallo, DAS Choreography peers and staff — Support: Pro Helvetia - Coincidencia (CH), Rote Fabrik (CH), Program Residenties in Utrecht (NL), Institut Français d’ Argentine (FR), Próximamente Festival/KVS (BE), workspacebrussels (BE), Munar Arte (AR), El Asunto de lo Remoto - ciclo de accione, (AR) Das Choreography AHK (NL), Young Art support Amsterdam (NL)


10.11.2021 - 19.11.2021