Indoor Weather

How can theatre relate itself to the ecological catastrophe which is taking more and more visibly taking effect? The realisation that every world view in which man puts self himself at the centre, or puts himself outside of 'nature', is problematic, poses extraordinary poetic challenges for the medium of theatre.

Indoor Weather 16:9

Ezra Veldhuis and Bosse Provoost resolutely choose to relate these challenges to the theatre space in itself. They conduct an artistic research into how theatre spaces can not only be used as frontal 'image space' but als as an environment. Following this logic, all the elements present in a theatre space have the potential to 'speak'. The artists consider the work emerging out of this research as cross-overs between installation art and performance.
If the way we relate to our environment is sometimes problematic, and our gaze is highly conditioned, then the theatre space seems like the ideal place to give attention to that which is usually disregarded.

This credo is central in their new creation Indoor Weatherfor which they collaborate with performer Nathan Ooms. It is a show for and about the playhouse stage, after having created the installation-performance Sun-Set (2020) for and about the black box. The show premieres in September 2021.
At workspacebrussels they will start the creation process and tackle some preliminary questions. How do you give shape to a continuously escalating environment with a theatre space and all its 'inhabitants'? How can we make the technical armoury dance? How can we make the invisible elements of a theatre space tactile: the heat of a spotlight, the acoustics of a fly tower, concealed technicians hoisting curtains and lamps up and down? And does this poetical exploration of the theatre space lead us to other imaginations than just post-human idyll or the apocalypse?

Creation: Bosse Provoost, Ezra Veldhuis, Nathan Ooms, Sébastien Hendrickx, Laurens Aneca (internship) a.o. — Production: Toneelhuis — Coproduction: De Grote Post — With support by: Kunstencentrum BUDA, C-Takt, workspacebrussels


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