By working with elements of a well know Greek tragedy Philip Janssens and Camille Lancelin create narrative loops, short fragments and small clusters.

Philippe Janssens & Camille Lancelin - Medea 16:9
No. Your words are wasted -

Glaucé is an experiment on narration, its holes, its continuities, its suspensions and its circulations.

For human beings if music -

They work on elements of the tragedy (structures, characters, repetitions), to tell about forms and characters, sometimes naively and sometimes theatrical. In this manner they unfold a story in a space between cinema and sculpture.

Enjoyed the pleasure of the meal –

They will work with text and voice and their relationship to image and sound

First, we need a husband -

The movement and process of catharsis, which messes with the emotions of the viewer, lost in extremes, is a centre of mass. They aim for contradictions, mixed emotions and change of hearts.

Entangled in that woven dress -
By: Philip Janssens & Camille Lancelin — Residency: workspacebrussels


29.07.2019 - 11.08.2019