Readymade Capitalism

How do our bodies receive information in the capitalist societies and environments? How do we receive the information through our senses and bodies and how does it affect us as human beings?

Eeva Juutinen - Readymade Capitalism 16:9

Are there alternative ways of processing and receiving, or is it mostly given norms and unconscious learned patterns of receiving that then create our view of the world and our behaviour and communication? Can we through awareness choose differently or can we oppose the norms and find new alternative ways of being in the world? Ways that don't always need to support the common place?

Through this approach we can try to find out how living in capitalist society affects our being and thinking, and our communicating, behaving and relating to each other and other beings and other systems and structures. As well as figure out if there can be alternative ways of being and relating.

Eeva Juutinen - Readymade Capitalism 16:9
Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland — Residencies: De School Van Gaasbeek, Chateau De Monthelon, Routa, workspacebrussels, Zsenne Artlab, Kunstencentrum Buda — Help in sound and technical design: Demian Skogr



09.12.2019 - 15.12.2019