Songs for no one

In Songs for no one, theatre maker Nastaran Razawi Khorasani takes you on a journey through the invisible lives of a boy and a girl living in the Islamic dictatorship of Iran. Based on secret telephone conversations, Nastaran makes a solo performance full of duets, dialogues, poems and songs with the voices of these two children. Songs for no one is a portrait of a hidden society, it triggers the imagination in an attempt to show that which usually remains invisible. This concept won the Dutch BNG Bank Theater Prize 2020.

Nastaran: “How can I literally and figuratively share my stage with people who do not have access to it? That question is my underlying drive for this project. I am aware of my privileges and more than ever I feel a responsibility to speak up for those who cannot. As a refugee I left my childhood in Iran. In Europe I live in freedom, but I strongly identify with the youngest generation of children in Iran now. I want to bring out their voices that would otherwise not be heard. ”

What does it mean to live in a dictatorship? With what thoughts and hopes does the young generation hold their own? Songs for no one is about the vulnerability of freedom, about lack of freedom in daily life and about future dreams of freedom.

Concept and performance: Nastaran Razawi Khorasani — Music: Jimi Zoet — Dramaturgy: Tobias Kokkelmans Scenographic and Light Design: Peter van Til — Technician: André Goos (Theater Techniek Denzo) — Communication: Dieke van der Spek — Production: Vivianne Jorritsma — Coproduction: BNG Bank Theaterprijs, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Maas theater en dans — In collaboration with: workspacebrussels, Het Nationale Theater, We are public — Supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam


06.04.2021 - 22.04.2021