Sparks of Resistance

Sparks of resistance is a performance that puts children and adults together in a dimension of interpretation of the body: the future, the past, the present and the death through palmistry on a stage.

Francesca Grilli - Sparks of resistance  16:9

During the performance, the children (wearing mirror masks that hide their faces) read the palms of the adults in the audience and tell them about their life and future. This action contains a profound sense of education, of the idea of the performance as a magical and necessary act.

The first part of the production focusses on the research and study of the lines of the body and includes the study of the video Faster than light (2014). This particular video about a child reading the lines on the hand of an elderly pianist, is the inspiration and starting point for Sparks of resistance.

Artist: Francesca Grilli — Diffusion and communication: Giulia Traversi — Production: Chiara Massari — Administration: Chiara Fava — Sound: Roberto Rettura — Palm reader: Guido Rossetti — Stage design: Paola Villani — Vision: Chiara Guidi — Body: Benno Steinegger — Word: Azzurra D’Agostino- Video: Luca Mattei — Co-production: Santarcangelo Festival — Residency support: Associazione culturale Corpoceleste, SAAL Biennaal, Vooruit, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Nomas Foundation at MAXXI Museum, workspacebrussels


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