TWOTFAM - (The works of the flesh are manifest)

The works of the flesh are manifest is an invitation to be one’s own sexual self and honour those different longing versions of oneself. It’s a carnal celebration of word and movement as an antidote to invisibilisation and humiliation. It's a party where climaxes are not the mere goal nor the end and extasis is not the only accepted currency (because ‘it's my party and I cry if I want to…’).

© Rudy Carlier
© Rudy Carlier

Enough money and a room of one's own, that was what you needed, according to Virginia Woolf, to dedicate yourself to fiction as a woman. We are still a long way from getting there. But what if you have nothing but a room of your own? And what if people are allowed to enter that room without asking? To fully live (according to) one's own sexual identities and sexual autonomy is sadly still not a given. Through autofiction Anna Dujardin and Fanny Vandesande explore how their sexual experiences have been shaped by the imposed sociopolitical structures and how they can rebel against them by treating lust, sex and sexual desire as a celebration and an act of self-care.

Anna Dujardin and Fanny Vandesande got to know each other through their work at Platform-k. Not only do they find each other in their dedication to movement, but also in the research topics that fascinate them as performers/makers such as sexuality and intimate citizenship. Each, in their own way, is confronted with misunderstandings regarding the sexual desires they wish to pursue and this forms the starting point for The works of the flesh are manifest. The research not only departs from the (fictionalised) experiences of Dujardin and Vandesande, but will also be richly informed and supported by collaborations with Aditi vzw (an advice and information centre that provides tailored sexuality and intimacy care) and workshops with performers from LaGeste.

Concept & Text: Fanny Vandesande, Anna Dujardin & Bo Alfaro Decreton — Performance & Choreography: Fanny Vandesande & Anna Dujardin — Costume & Set design: Aidan Abnet — Sound design: Ruben Nachtergaele — Music: Kobe Boon — Dramaturgy & Direction assistance: Bo Alfaro Decreton — With support from: Stad Gent & Cultuur Gent


29.11.2022 - 02.12.2022


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