An intertextual techno party

© Dymphie Lemmens
© Dymphie Lemmens


Let yourself be immersed in the pulsating universe of Biomoporhia: an hour-long trance experience of techno beats and intertextuality. Helena Dietrich and Thomas Proksch are fascinated by the relation between human and non-human creatures. Their research ranges from anatomy and mythological indigenous stories to totem and spirit animals and to science fiction and horror. From these elements, they weave an infectious party. To be experienced solo or with friends.


Laat je meevoeren in het pulserende universum van Biomorphia: een 60 minuten durende trance-ervaring van technobeats en intertekstualiteit. Helena Dietrich en Thomas Proksch zijn gefascineerd door de relatie tussen menselijke en niet-menselijke wezens. Hun onderzoek gaat van anatomie en mythologische inheemse verhalen via totemdieren en ‘spirit animals’ tot science fiction en horror. Al deze elementen verweven ze tot een aanstekelijke party. Solo of met vrienden.

Instructions for an optimal experience

  • Location: make yourself comfortable at home or get together with a small group of friends at someone’s house
  • Device: podcast medium with sound system
  • Time frame: this is a one hour listening journey. Create a time frame, so you can listen without interruption. Leave some time afterwards to come down and integrate your experience.
  • Set-up: prepare the space > create your dance cave > move furniture out of the way > low light or complete darkness > good speakers on max volume
  • Prepare water, don’t get dehydrated!
  • Wear comfortable clothes or get naked if you like
  • Listen closely to your body, feel free to follow any impulse to move or rest after the journey ends, take your time to come back, don’t rush, maybe write down some thoughts, draw or spend a moment in silence

Ready? Play

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Curious to find out which source materials inspired this episode?

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This podcast is the third episode in the ongoing Critical Techno series by Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch.

Biomorphia is part of the audio-visual summer programme a room with a view. It consists of nine artistic proposals that can be explored online from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

Creation: Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch - Commissioned by: workspacebrussels

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1.07.2020 | 14:00 - 00:00






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