Working Title Festival 2020

Welcome to 'a room with a view': an audio-visual summer programme that sparks the imagination and senses in your own home or on a walk in your neighbourhood

WTF 16x93

Free summer programme from 1 July until 31 August 2020

Revisit our summer festival!

Over the past months, we've spent more time than ever in our house. What was once a resting point on our journey through the outside world, has become a world in itself. The artists who would share their work with you during the Working Title Festival also had to relate to this new reality. What does 'working from home' look like for an artist? Is there still an audience, and if so, how do you reach it?

These and other questions led to the creation of a brand new series of works in the form of small interventions in our daily lives. The artists take you on a journey, through reflective podcasts, guided walks in your home and other small windows on their artistic practice. Welcome to a room with a view.

Explore our curated routes

A room with a view is not your regular festival. With nine experiences, all released at the same time, you can easily get lost in the programme. Therefore we have mapped out three routes for you. How about something to listen to on a grey day to make you feel better? Or maybe you're out and about and want to enjoy some audio snacks while you're on the move? Are you up late at night, unsure about what to do before going to bed? You're not alone, we've mapped out a path for that as well. Of course, you are also free to leave the trodden paths and compose your own journey.

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