Framing is a luxury of the outside eye

Coproduction 2019

A series of short kitchen conversations

© Aiko Benaouisse
© Aiko Benaouisse


Artist duo Kim Snauwaert and Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert give an insight into their lives as a married couple. While being quarantined, they recorded a series of short everyday household conversations. Meandering past topics such as marriage, Russian methods to preserve food, sexuality, motherhood they seamlessly blend the everyday and the universal.


Het kunstenaarsduo Kim Snauwaert en Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert geeft je een persoonlijke inkijk in hun leven als getrouwd koppel. Tijdens de quarantaine namen ze een reeks korte huis-, tuin- en keukengesprekken op. Meanderend langs thema’s als het huwelijk, Russische technieken om eten te bewaren, seksualiteit en moederschap laten ze het alledaagse en het tijdloze in elkaar overlopen.

Instructions for an optimal experience

  • Location: anywhere (at home, on a walk, in your car...)
  • Device: podcast medium (laptop, smartphone,...), headphones recommended
  • Time frame: five episodes that together take about 55 minutes

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Episode 1: France Is Bacon

Episode 2: Please buy parsley

Episode 3: Being the centre of the world

Episode 4: His wisdom didn't look like wisdom

Episode 5: Backstage funeral jokes

Curious for more?

This podcast series is part of Kim Snauwaert and Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert's ongoing research about what it means to be married as a political choice. Their performance A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities will premiere at the Beyond the Black Box Festival 2021 in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam and is co-produced by workspacebrussels.

Framing is a luxury of the outside eye is part of the audio-visual summer programme a room with a view. It consists of nine artistic proposals that can be explored online from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

Creation: Kim Snauwaert & Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert - Technical support: Peter Connelly - Image: Aiko Benaouisse- Commissioned by: workspacebrussels

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1.07.2020 | 14:00 - 00:00

51:48 (5 episodes)






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