Glowing Domestic Landscape

Coproduction 2020

An atmospheric trip through photographed landscapes

© Evelien Cammaert
© Evelien Cammaert


The room you’re in and your laptop screen blur into each other as Evelien Cammaert guides you through photographed landscapes.

In an atmospheric take on dimensions, colours and memories, she draws attention to both your own intimate surroundings and the vast world outside.


De kamer waarin je je bevindt en het scherm van je laptop lopen in elkaar over terwijl Evelien Cammaert je door gefotografeerde landschappen gidst.

In een sferisch spel met dimensies, kleuren en herinnering, richt ze je aandacht zowel op je eigen intieme omgeving als op de weidse wereld daarbuiten.

Instructions for an optimal experience

  • Location: this audiovisual trip is designed for in a domestic setting after sunset. Choose a room in the house where you can move around freely, such as your living room or bedroom.
  • Device: a fully charged laptop without cable
  • Time frame: about 16 minutes
  • Set-up: make sure the room you are in is as dark as possible. Put the brightness of your screen on maximum. Don't wear headphones; use the speakers of the laptop instead.
  • Best experienced by yourself

Ready? Play

Open the video below in full screen mode and press play.

Curious for more?

This video is a preview of a new performance by Evelien Cammaert. The performative installation Slide will premiere during the Playground Festival in Leuven in November 2020 and is co-produced by workspacebrussels.

This project is part of the audio-visual summer programme a room with a view. It consists of nine artistic proposals that can be explored online from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

Concept, voice, images: Evelien Cammaert - Sound: Peter Connelly - Advice & inside eyes: Simon Baetens, Joris Perdieus - Commissioned by: workspacebrussels

Event details

1.07.2020 | 14:00 - 00:00

16 min.





audio-visual living room installation

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