KAOS Talk: Lili Vanderstraeten

Coproduction 2023

A KAOS Talk with Lili Vanderstraeten, Rona Kennedy and Geert Opsomer

Lili Vanderstraeten - Huskroom 16:9

Lili Vanderstraeten is working in residency at the psycho-social center St. Alexius in Brussels. She moves between the atelier located in the Opperstraat, the living room in the center of St. Alexius and one of the shelter houses where Lili stays over and lives with eight other people. When spending time in one of these three locations she works on textile pieces named ‘Huskrooms’: a growing archive of duvets that carry carefully composed found objects and cloth.

For this KAOS Talk at Museum Dr. Guislain (in Ghent and online) she invites Rona Kennedy and Geert Opsomer to a conversation on topics such as ‘making art in the context of care institutions’, ‘the meaning of building an archiving’ and ‘the constant need to re- and decompose materials that are abandoned by others’.

Rona Kennedy builds worlds, creating cracks: temporary autonomous sites for experiment and agency. As an artist she uses performance, interventions in public space, audiovisual installations and workshops as ways to start conversations. Geert Opsomer is a theater scientist and critic, educator, mentor, social worker, academic and philosopher. He worked at the university for twenty years, founded a new department in Brussels theatre directing at RITCS and was artistic director of the Nieuwpoorttheater for eight years.

KAOS coordinator Mike Michiels will join and moderate the talk. The talk will be in Dutch. Very welcome to join, listen and also share your thoughts! Don’t hesitate to bring some cloth and textile scissors.

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2.03.2023 | 20:00 - 22:00





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