Le Cendrier du Gaze (try-out)

A critical solo on the figure of Zwarte Piet

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In Le Cendrier du Gaze, Pierre-Patrice “Pepe” Kasses relates to the figure of Zwarte Piet. Can embodying such a controversial and charged symbol challenge and nuance our view of the black body? In this performance Pepe shows that as a black performer he often has to play roles that he has not chosen himself. Entering into a dialogue with Zwarte Piet is no mean feat, but little by little he shows a different side to himself. With his solo Pepe wants to place narratives from the past into a contemporary context and make them his own.

Concept & performance: Pierre-Patrice Kasses – Dramaturgy & performance: Loucka Fiagan – Production assistant: Chiara Monteverde – Partner: Buenos Tiempos, Int. – Residency support: workspacebrussels
Open Studios 2023 16:9

Open Studios XL

This event is part of Open Studios XL, a three-day programme with performances, try-outs and workshops at the intersection of dance, performance, theatre and installation work.

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23.04.2022 | 16:30 - 17:15 Tickets

45 min.


Les Brigittines (Brussels)



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part of Open Studios XL / tickets from 25 March onwards / double bill with The Mirror Stand by Stanley Ollivier / aftertalk with Pierre-Patrice Kasses & Stanley Ollivier, moderated by Eric Niyibizi Cyuzuzo

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