Tender Frictions

Azahara Ubera - Tender Frictions 16:9

Plants are modular organisms that can flexibly adapt to their environment. Can we as humans learn something from this? In the performative installation Tender Frictions, Azahara Ubera Biedma creates space for radical imagination and proposes strategies for becoming more or less than human. In a queer game with plants, hairbrushes, consent and joy, the identities and desires of a few human characters are thoroughly shuffled and transformed.

Direction, text, sound: Azahara Ubera Biedma – Performance in collaboration with: Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Eimi Legget, Chiara Monteverde, plants – External eye: Jaime Llopis – Special guest: Kristina Nickel – Landscape drawings: Eva Decaesstecker - Residencies: workspacebrussels, wpZimmer – Thanks to: Anouchka Oler, Julia Dyck, Bruno Casabona, Jesus Ubera

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23.04.2023 | 17:30 - 18:30 Tickets


pay what you can (€4/7/10)


Kaaistudios (Brussels)


dance / performance
work-in-progress showing

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