Kai Merke, Filip Vest & Emile Pineault - Vacancy 16:9

VACANCY is a series of interventions in the liminal and vacant spaces of the Open Studios 2023 programme. The proposal will activate various dramaturgies and scores of circulation in and between venues, buildings, performances, bars, aftertalks.

How can an artistic event generate meaningful encounters, beyond the artworks? Why shouldn't a gathering around a dinner table, a queue, or a corridor, become an artistic action in itself? How can the act of coming together in the showings and sharings reverberate as a collective experience? Taking care of all these in-between spaces, VACANCY strive to make this event, before anything else, a space of coexistence and connection.

VACANCY is part of an ongoing research project initiated by HAUT (Copenhagen) in collaboration with workspacebrussels and LA SERRE - arts vivants (Montreal) on the relationship between institutions and artists, and the questions of collaborative curation. Artists connected to the different institutions gather and investigate some of the ideas that came from these encounters.

The people who have been thinking with us so far are caterina daniela mora jora, Kai Merke, Sall Lam Toro, Filip Vest, Emile Pineault, Naja Lee Jensen, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Claudel Doucet, Fabien Marcil, Elke De Coker, Valérie Wolters and Simon Baetens.

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21.04.2023 | 18:00 - 22:30
22.04.2023 | 18:00 - 22:30
23.04.2023 | 15:00 - 21:00




Kaaistudios (Brussels)



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