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Workspacebrussels supports performing artists in developing a sustainable artistic practice

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche & Leandro Nerefuh in residency
Cecilia Lisa Eliceche & Leandro Nerefuh in residency


Workspacebrussels supports performing artists in developing a sustainable artistic practice. The organisation offers a flexible framework for research and creation, ranging from studio residencies over (co)production and administration to advice on all aspects of development and creation. By connecting artists with programmers, partners and audiences, workspacebrussels acts as an indispensable link in the artistic ecosystem of research, production and presentation.


Workspacebrussels is an open and nomadic structure that flourishes thanks to numerous collaborations in the city. Structural partners free up studio space for the organisation, allowing it to optimise the existing infrastructure in Brussels. Strongly linked to Belgian and international art schools, art houses, festivals and creation spaces, workspacebrussels builds on a richly varied network that allows for a broadly based support of art projects.

The mission of workspacebrussels is to detect and stimulate new ideas and practices within the performing arts. Artistic development is the beating heart of the organisation. Within the arts landscape, workspacebrussels creates an artistic playground, an open space where critical thinking, experimentation, failure and new beginnings are part of the process leading to artistic creation. In that process, the organisation takes on different roles, from facilitator to bridge builder.

Within the artistic programme, there is room for both young artistic practices and for artists who have already developed a certain trajectory. The organisation has a keen eye for promising qualitative work and for innovative artistic languages and forms. This translates into an artistic profile which, in addition to dance, theatre and performance, also focuses on transdisciplinary projects and artistic practices that relate more directly to the wider society.

Workspacebrussels profiles itself as a stable home base where artistic talent can develop to the full and where artistic quality goes hand in hand with administrative commitment and fair practice. This artistic 'home' is built on openness and trust: openness to what is new, unconventional or still unknown, and trust based on dialogue, engagement and transparency. Workspacebrussels sets itself up as a dynamic learning environment where artists and collaborators mutually question and inspire each other.

Types of support

Residency programme

Through a yearly open call, Belgian and international artists are invited to share an idea, research or creation with us. The selected projects are offered studio space within the residency programme. In the selection, we pay attention to the innovative or experimental character of the project, the diversity within the programme and the feasibility of the proposal within the Brussels context.


Workspacebrussels co-produces promising projects by Belgian and international artists. The main criterion for a co-production is the way in which workspacebrussels can make a difference to the project through its contribution and support. For example, because the artist does not yet have a strong network, is new to Brussels, is taking a new or experimental path in his/her practice, or requires our specific experience in hybrid or cross-sectoral work. A co-production is focused on creation and includes a financial contribution, residency space in our studios and artistic accompaniment. The right framework is outlined together with the artists and depends on the specific needs, in balance with the capacity of the team and the organisation.

Trajectories (house artists)

As a transit zone between education and the professional field, workspacebrussels supports recently graduated or starting/emerging artists in developing their own artistic language and practice. These artists can count on a sustainable artistic dialogue, exchange in the area of communication and networking, administrative support, the management of their subsidies and budgets, residency space in the studios and ateliers, and a freely disposable yearly working budget. Workspacebrussels commits itself as executive producer and employer for all activities, productions and presentations developed within the trajectories.

Presentation platform

Performing arts cannot do without an audience. For many artists, sharing and testing research material and ideas, and getting feedback is an essential part of their creation. Workspacebrussels provides a platform for the creative process in all its forms, offering artists the opportunity to share their practice in the form of lectures, films, workshops, installations, work-in-progress or finished work.

Alexander Vantournhout at our festival
Alexander Vantournhout at our festival

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