Alan Van Rompuy

© Idania Spruyt - Vruchteloos Gehamer
© Idania Spruyt - Vruchteloos Gehamer


In 2018, Alan Van Rompuy graduated with high distinction from the Conservatory of Antwerp as Master In Arts, specialising in jazz piano, with the solo project Azertyklavierwerke. Under this alias he released two albums, three EPs, four singles and a bootleg. As a keyboard player Alan played in pop group Leonore and today he is a sideman in various projects like Bandler Ching, Kel Assouf, Teletext and Vieze Meisje.

In 2020 he wrote the music for the film/performance Vier Sterren by theater group herman. In theater he performs as a musician in the performance w a t e r w a s w a s s e r by Dounia Mahammed and was the musical coach for Het betreft Liefde by Tine Van Aarschot.

In 2020 he will continue working with Dounia Mahammed on the new project GALM (working title) that will premiere in Februari 2021.