Amparo González Sola

© Azabache
© Azabache


Amparo Gonzalez Sola was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1984. She currently lives between Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and Paris. Amparo is a choreographer, dancer, researcher and teacher. In her work, proprioception, and politics; philosophy, decolonial feminism and studies of fascia are intertwined. She works both in theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, bringing together people from different backgrounds, generations, and disciplines.

Amparo created Charged (WIP 2019, Dansmaker, NL), La conspiración de las formas (2018, Sívori Museum, AR), Caravana (2017, Spring Performing Art Festival, NL-TACEC La Plata, AR), Hay alguien ahí (2016, Bicéfalos, AR) and El Becerro de Oro (2015, Bienal Arte Joven, AR). She is part of the collective Escena Política (Buenos Aires) and regularly collaborates with other artists, thinkers and activists.