Anton Lambert

Anton Lambert


Anton Lambert (Belgium, °1997) started playing music at the age of six. He began by playing the cello, mainly focusing on classical music. Later he moved on to the double bass, which led him to jazz and improvised music. He graduated from the Bachelor in Jazz at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in 2020. He is currently doing his masters on double bass with Nathan Wouters and studied electronic music composition with Jorrit Tamminga and Andrew Claes, focusing on Pure Data programming and live electronics.

Besides his practice as a double bass player in various music ensembles such as de zwarte zusters, The One Frame Movement,… he collaborates on interdisciplinary projects as an electronic musician and composer; accompanying theatre and dance performances as a live musician or creating sound installations for multi-media artworks.

His electronic music is based on the principles of sound synthesis and on sound in relation to sound object; inspired by theories introduced by Pierre Schaeffer. He works with recorded sounds and manipulates them, until the origin of the sound is barely recognizable and becomes a musical element. He focuses -through psychoacoustic theory- on the physical sensations that people experience and the emotional effect it has on them. His compositions are mostly inspired by real-life sounds and noises, which he moulds and modifies; creating spatial soundscapes that trigger the imagination and ears to listen on a different level. His assemblages consist of recordings taken throughout his daily life – some of them were recorded in Java (Indonesia) during his residency there in 2019.