Jolie Reymond Ngemi

Jolie Reymond Ngemi


Jolie Reymond Ngemi is a dancer, choreographer and musician who lives and works in Switzerland. Congolese by nationality, born in Kinshasa on 16 April 1989, she obtained the Diploma (Baccalaureate), 2006-2007 with a literary option. She obtained other diplomas and certificates in the artistic field and has been working professionally as an artist since 2007. NGEMI started dancing at the protestant church in Kinshasa. As a teenager, she practiced urban dance.

At the age of 17, she met the choreographer Jacque Bana Yanga with whom she studied contemporary dance. In 2008, she began the creation of the show "Mist" by choreographer Thomas Steyeart. The creation toured in Africa and Europe. In 2011, she collaborated with Ula Sickle and Yann Leguay for a solo called "Jolie", created in South Korea (Seoul), and toured in Belgium, France, Holland, Poland, Vienna... In 2012, she was invited to the U.S.A. to represent women at the "New York live arts" festival.

In 2013, she had an audition at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels where she followed a two-year training course. Following her training, she was spotted by the choreographer Boris Charmatz and they produced two shows: "Danse de nuit" - the first one on the history of Charlie Hebdo, and "10.000 gestes" which toured in France, Brussels, London, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Since then she has started her own work based on voice, texts and the body in space. In 2018, she created a solo "Identity na ngayi" at the festival la Bâtie in Geneva. This performance was presented in Basel, Brussels and Utrecht. In this show "Indentity na ngayi" she is the spokesperson for the community that dares not speak, a project that gives a voice to the women of the world.

She often works at TicTac art center in Brussels and is a teacher at SNDO. She dances with Serge Aime Koulibaly and Ligya Lewis.

In 202 she created her company AUC and inaugurated her dance festival Bosangani in Kinshasa. Bosnagani in Lingala means meeting. It is a space for gathering, listening, sharing and awakening.